Summer Reading Program: Kids (Kindergarten through grades 5)

kids summer

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  • Prizes are earned based on how long you read, with a goal of 500 minutes. You can read aloud to someone else, have someone else read to you, or read by yourself.
  • You can read anything you want – books, magazines, comics, cereal boxes, whatever! As long as it has words, it counts.
  • Reading logs can be picked up at the library. Our SRP program can also be done online this summer! Sign up for an account and keep track of what you read this summer here.


  • To win, you need to do at least fifteen of the twenty activities.
  • Bingo cards can be picked up at the library or downloaded here.
  • Everyone who completes their Bingo card will get more prizes, plus an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing!


  • All Ages Events - Beach Animals with ECO Discovery, Virtual Aquarium with Cleveland Aquarium, Shark Stories with the Toledo Zoo, Water Games, and our finale: An Ocean of Music with the Music Lady! 
  • Kids Summer Events - Pirate Training, Mysteries at Sea, Mythical Creatures, Pond Study at Mallard Lake in Oak Openings, and Down in the Deep Blue Sea! 
  • Virtual Book Club - Pick up your free book and activity packet for grades K-3 and/or grades 3-5 at the library! 
  • Scavenger Hunt - The hunt comes in two parts, both of which can be done around Swanton! 
  • Coding Club - Coding Club meets every other Friday during June and July. 


  • Read 250 minutes: A free ice cream cone from Honey Bear. 
  • Read 500 minutes: A free book, a free pizza from Pisanello’s, water toys, a completion certificate, an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing, and more!
  • BINGO: A free book, Burger King certificates, a shark glider, and an entry into the Grand Prize Drawing. 
  • Grand Prizes: Games, books, puzzles, squid hats, stuffed sharks, gift cards, and more!