Internet Use

two patrons using computers

Internet access is available at SPL through WiFi (wireless) access and on five public access computers and five laptops. The internet on these computers is unfiltered.  To use the library's computers:

  • You must sign in first at the front desk and hold a valid library card. 
  • You are guaranteed 30 minutes on these computers.  After 30 minutes, if no one else is waiting, you can stay on. 
  • Children aged 10-17 cannot use these computers alone unless a permission form is signed in person at the library by a parent or guardian.
  • Children under 10 must always be accompanied by an adult.

WiFi (wireless internet) may be accessed without a card or signing in. Passwords are at the front desk.

Library staff will be glad to assist in accessing the Internet; however, we cannot provide in-depth training on use. Please let us know if you would like us to have introductory computing classes.

Read the full text of SPL's Internet Policies.