shelves of magazines in the library

Let the Swanton Public Library bring the library to you through free outreach services. If outreach sounds like something you or someone you know could use, please contact the library at (419) 826-2760 or fill out this form. Keep reading to learn more about outreach and what it does. Questions? Contact our outreach specialist.

What is outreach?

SPL offers free delivery of books and magazines to people who are physically unable to visit the library, including the elderly, the disabled, and those who are temporarily incapacitated by illness or accident. We strive to offer the same access to library materials that you would have when visiting the library in person.

What can I request?

Any item owned by the library that circulates can be requested through outreach. You can request specific titles or have our staff select materials based on your interests.  

When will I receive my items?

Materials are delivered to your door monthly by volunteers or staff.

How many items will I receive?

That depends on you. Most people find four or five items per delivery is enough to keep them occupied. We can adjust the number at any time.