The Stairwell and Sammy Martin, LIVE in concert!

Ben Vasko, Evergreen High School senior and a member of the musical group The Stairwell, performed at Swanton Public Library at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 23. The opening act was Sammy Martin, BOLT member and junior at Swanton High. 

  • Ben, a Christian rock artist, is a talented musician who writes his own music, sings, and plays guitar. He performed some of the titles from his own CD The Stairwell: The Quiet EP, along with other original songs. The Quiet EP features songs that deal with relationships and how sweet or bitter they can be, of life and how God is there to help. 
  • Sammy Martin comes from a musical family and has been involved in music all of her life. She sings and plays keyboard and has performed at several engagements around the Swanton area. She is also the pianist at Trinity United Methodist Church and recently starred as the parrot Iago in Swanton High School’s musical production of Aladdin. Sammy entertained with some of her favorite contemporary pop hits and an original song.

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